Emanuela Handman

Other Organizers

Norma Sullivan
Christine Sweeney


The Lyceum Club
Ridgway Place Melbourne VIC 3114


Monday Aug 23 2021


6:30 pm

Cost From


Science and Medicine Circle

Speaker: Professor Peter Currie, Director of Monash University’s Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute

Subject: Can we use stem cell science to reverse muscle wasting in disease, aging and trauma?

When we tear a muscle, stem cells within it repair the problem. This occurs in severe muscle wasting diseases such as muscular dystrophy and in war veterans who survive catastrophic limb injuries, as well as in our day-to-day life when we pull a muscle. These muscle stem cells are the invisible engines that drive the tissue’s growth and repair. Unfortunately, when we age and lose muscle, our stem cells don’t seem to work as well. New studies show how muscle repair and regeneration are achieved by a newly discovered cell type which “cuddles” the muscle stem cells after severe trauma. Please book at reception or online and indicate if you wish to stay for dinner.

Charge: $59.50 optional 2 course dinner with wine

Convenors: Emanuela Handman, Norma Sullivan, Christine Sweeney

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