Vivienne Reed


Thursday Aug 26 2021


2:00 pm

Cost From


Art Circle

Speaker: Wayne Crothers, NGV senior curator, Asian Art.

Subject: Two Unique Exhibitions of Japanese Art.

Held in 2020 Japanese Modernism presented a window into 1920s and 30s when Japan’s traditional art and aesthetics interacted with European life and culture, resulting in a pulsating era of Japanese modernism, and the creation of Asian Art Deco architecture, paintings, prints, design and fashion. Japan’s cities underwent major redevelopment that catered to a new generation of urban pleasure seekers. Scheduled to open in September 2021 Golden shells and the gentle mastery of Japanese lacquer will present the beauty and artistry of the historical Japanese ‘shell matching’ game kaiawase. The exhibition features two exquisite lacquerware shell boxes and 720 gilded clam-shaped shells, each decorated with hand-painted Japanese and Australian flowers. Please book at reception or online and indicate if you would like to join us for lunch before the talk.

Charge: $41.50 Optional lunch prior to the meeting. Main Course and a glass of wine.

Convenors: Chris Collingwood, Vivienne Reed.

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